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Juki DLN 9010 SH - Heavy Duty

Juki DLN 9010 SH - Heavy Duty

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Part Number:DLN-9010
The needle feed mechanism, which is widely recognized as offering outstanding efficiency of feed and effectively preventing uneven material feed, responds to a wide range of applications such as the sewing of outerwear, runstitching of men's shirts, etc. and the attaching of various parts to garment bodies. It has inherited the advanced features of the DDL-9000 Series, thanks to the adoption of the most advanced compact AC servomotor, as well as employing the new model control box SC-920A, the DLN-9010A achieves a substantial labor-saving equivalent to that of the DDL-9000B.

Model nameDLN-9010A-SSDLN-9010A-SH
ApplicationFor light- to medium-weight materialsFor heavy-weight materials
Max. sewing speed5,000sti/min4,000sti/min
Max. stitch length4.5mm
Lift of the presser footBy hand: 5.5mm, By knee: 15mm(max.), Auto: 10mm
Needle(at the time of delivery)DB×1 (#11) #9 #18,
For JE:134(Nm90) Nm65 Nm110
DB×1 (#21) #20 #23,
For JE:134(Nm130) Nm120 Nm160

The maximum sewing speed is 4,000sti/min or less in cases where the maximum stitch length is 3.5mm or more.

sti/min stands for Stitches per Minute.

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