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Juki LK-1903 Button Sew

Juki LK-1903 Button Sew

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Part Number:LK-1903


  • Higher productivity
  • Many different sewing patterns.
  • Excellent seam quality
  • Auto-lifter mechanism utilizing a new system
  • The sewing starting point can be corrected
  • Oil stains are eliminated
  • Active tension mechanism is provided as standard


Model nameLK-1903ALK-1903A/BR35
Max. sewing speed2,700rpm (normal 2,500rpm)
Button sizeRound-shaped, flat button
ø8~ø 32mm
Round-shaped, flat button (2-holed, 4-holed)
Stitch length0.1~10mm (0.1mm step)
Needle bar stroke45.7mm
Lift of the work clamp footMax. 13mmMax. 11mm
Auto-lifterProvided as standard (stepping motor type)

Needle thread tension
Active tension (electronic thread tension control system)
Needle (at the time of delivery)DP×17(#14)
HookStandard shuttle hook
Number of stitches that can be stored in memoryMax. 20,000 stitches

Number of standard patterns
50 patterns
Number of data that can be input200 patterns
Bobbin thread counterProvided as standard (up/down method)
Supplying and sorting of button Vibration system
Button feed Horizontal forced button-feed mechanism
Button feed mode
Automatic feed mode, non-feed mode, and small-lot sewing mode
Lubrication Hook: minute-quantity lubrication

Sewing machine motor
    450W compact AC servomotor (direct-drive system)
Power consumption320W350W
WeightMachine head (include motor) 42kg, Control box 16.5kg
135kg (include machine head, table and BR35)

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