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Mundial Classic Forged 8" Inch Dressmaker Shears

Mundial Classic Forged 8" Inch Dressmaker Shears

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MUNDIAL® Industrial Forged scissors and shears begin with fine carbon steel which is fully forged, tempered, plated, ground, honed, polished, adjusted, tested and inspected by cutlery artisans to meet exacting quality standards. The result is scissors and shears of uncompromising quality that will bring you years of cutting pleasure.

Overall Length: 8" Inch
Length of Cut: 3 3/8"

Highly rated dressmaker shears on the Today's Creative Home Arts Magazine August/September 2004 Issue:
Creative Arts Club Member Ratings out of 10:
Sharpness: 9.9
Quality: 9.6
Ease of Use: 8.6 

Professional quality, fully plated carbon steel shears for a longer lasting edge. 

The finest knife edge, chrome plated shears made with safety sheath! 

Knife-edge blade for easier, cleaner, precision cutting of all fabrics. 

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