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Part Number:ES-90A
  • UL approved thermostat
  • High working efficiency
  • 900-1000 watts
  • Ergonomically designed rubber handle for slip-proof grip will keep hands cool and comfortable
  • Easy to iron sleeves and tubular items
  • Activate steam flow instantly with the touch of a button
  • Thermo-shield keeps heat away from hands for safety and comfort
  • Hard anodized base for superior pressing surface durability
  • Demineralizer included to help filter water and prevent mineral clogging in water tank and hose
  • Magic Non-stick Shoe allows you to kiss your press cloths, wrong side pressing, low temp settings, and all the slow, tedious, time-consuming ways that prevent unwanted shine goodbye
  • Non-stick shoe is made by laminating a thick sheet of the smoothest, slipperiest material known to a layer of aluminum alloy
  • Magic Non-stick Iron Shoe provides a pressing surface so slick that your iron will never again scorch or stick to even the most delicate or difficult-to-press fabrics
  • Can use shoe with velvet, velour, polyester, cotton, linen, rayon, & silk
  • Can also be used with fusible interfacings and tapes

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